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Sermon manuscripts are usually published by noon each Saturday; the purpose is to give members of our community who are learning English more time to process the message. Many in our congregation also enjoy time to reflect on or return to a particular message. All sermon text belongs to the person who preached the sermon; please do not copy or distribute without permission.

Most Recent Sermons

Deeds and Words

[READ JAMES 2:14-3:12] INTRO When Kaylee and I lived in the United States, there was, for a number of years, a debate raging in every part of the country and among every political party. It had to do with comments like this one. I don’t know who Senator Tillis is and I don’t know what…

Love Without Favoritism

James 2:1-13 This morning, we’re continuing our sermon series on the book of James, titled, “Let’s climb!” It’s an invitation into an active faith life—and Pastor Harrison and I have said that, each week, we’ll focus on a real-life temptation that keeps us from engaging in an active faith life with God. So let’s get…

Listening and Doing

IntroductionThis morning, we are continuing our new sermon series “Let’s Climb” based on the Book of James, and our focus is ‘Listening and Doing’. I’d like to share one survey research regarding how non-Christian people think about Christians and how we can share the love of Christ with them. It says that about 70 –…

The Preachers

Pastors Adrian and Harrison both preach regularly, along with various guests.

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