SERIES: United/Untied

What a difference a few letters make! This series will explore six keys to put River Park Church on track to being united and keep from becoming untied. Facing our fears and acknowledging our many differences, God is giving us the opportunity to come together; overcome. 

Sunday, January 23     God’s Plan for Complete Unity  Matthew 16:13-20

Jesus’ words to Peter on Mt. Hermon kindled the supernatural offense of the Kingdom of God against the powers of sin and darkness in this world. Jesus built his church at the gates of hell, with the intent that nothing could fracture the church (his body).

Sunday, January 30     Encountering the Image of God Colossians 1:15-29

Reformed Christians perhaps spend too much time emphasizing “total depravity” (the way in which sin affects all of creation); and not enough time focused on the Image of God given to each person we meet. When we spend our time magnifying and adoring Jesus Christ, we can only celebrate how our God reconciles all things and all of us to himself!

Sunday, February 6 Love: Starting Small 1 Corinthians 12:12-27

The love of Christ unites us and allows us to flourish: only God’s love grows in us an ability to make room for others. When we try to love others in order to make them like us, we fail. But God has given us differences so that we might learn from, care for, and honour each other. The love of humans is short-lived; but the love of God is powerful and eternal.

Sunday, February 13     Partnership Without Compromise 1 Corinthians 8:1-13

Paul wrote to Corinthians in one church with different worldviews. Like the Corinthians, River Park Church has the exciting opportunity to find ways to honour different needs of different groups. Our goal is not, “Let’s all get together” (worldly unity) but rather, “How do we make room for others to experience the good news of the Kingdom of God without stumbling blocks? (Godly way!). This will help us to all get together.

Sunday, February 20  Devotion and Repentance Luke 18:18-30; Luke 19:1-10

Imagine the conflict if the rich young ruler and Zacchaeus joined the same church! The first wants to hold onto what he has and follow Jesus; the second gives up everything. Do we love the dream of community (as the rich young ruler) or its reality (as Zacchaeus)?

Sunday, February 27     Encouragement and Edification  1 Thessalonians 5:8-24

Scripture consistently pictures Satan as the accuser of God’s people. When we gossip and accuse one another, we do the devil’s work for him and tear down the body of Christ. Instead, we should “encourage one another and build each other up!” (1 Thess 5:11). This is what scripture calls edification: seeing the good and saying the good in the presence of others.

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