SERIES: Rest for the Rest of Us

Our world promises a “good life” to people with lots of money and lots of time; but we seem always to have less than enough of both. So, what about us? For Christians, the Bible pictures true as lasting rest as connection with God, connection with others, and connection with ourselves–our true selves created good by God.

Sunday, July 24 Intro to Rest: Connection, Shalom, and Sabbath

In this series, we are looking at Rest: What rest is, why rest is important, and how we rest in different areas or dimensions of our lives. Specifically this morning, we’re looking at Rest as Connection, Shalom, and Sabbath.

Sunday, July 31 Entering Into His Rest

This morning, I am going to talk about the following two questions: ‘then, how can  we enter that rest?’ and ‘what does it mean when we say we enter into His rest?’ 

Sunday, August 7 Peace in Relationships

The Lord has already opened the door of salvation and is inviting us into His sabbath rest in all different areas of our  lives. Among them, relationships are one of the most important aspects of our  lives, and this morning, we are going to focus on hope and rest in our relationships.  

Sunday, August 14 A Personal Quest for Rest

Today we’re focused on Rest as connection with ourselves. When I say “connecting with ourselves,” I mean knowing ourselves honestly and accurately as we are. Maybe you have not even considered that it is important to take time to know yourself!

Sunday, August 21 Rest: Finding Our Way Home

The things that we make with God’s creation are a good part of our “ruling” and cultivating work. When we do them, we can enjoy rest of all kinds—we enjoy connection with creation as we understand it more fully. We enjoy peace and flourishing and we find a purpose and place for ourselves, for others, and for God’s creation. And we can enjoy Sabbath rest as well—we can take a break from our regular work.

Sunday, August 28 The Scary-Good Gift of Sabbath

Sabbath is God’s scary good gift to us. It seems too good to be true. It’s weird and doesn’t make any sense when you do the math; yet when we set aside time to listen to God and to listen to others; it not only feeds our souls, it not only sustains us for the week to come—it also becomes attractive and interesting to others!

Sunday, September 4 Technology and Our Future Hope

The good news of Jesus as the way back to God offers rest for those who are always running after the next trend. You can take a break! You can find your honour and comfort somewhere else! But Jesus as the way back to God also offers rest to those who are excluded and left behind: you can have the glory and honour and life of Jesus if you join him—no strings attached! You don’t need to perform or achieve or compete!

Sunday, September 11 Family Stress and God’s Faithfulness

If you are a Christian, God did not save you so that you could devote yourself to yourself. God does not desire that you focus your energy on the same life-sucking priorities that you had before him and that you have without him! God does not desire that you remain unchanged. Instead, God has called us, his church, to be his family.

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