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Coming Home to Joy: Joy in our Work River Park Church Sermons

December 04, 2022 | Pastor Adrian de Lange | 1 Thessalonians 5:12-22
  1. Coming Home to Joy: Joy in our Work
  2. Message: Coming Home to HOPE: the Anchor for Your Soul
  3. WIDER VIEW: What to DO with a Wider View
  4. WIDER VIEW: Plans and Promises
  5. WIDER VIEW Come People of the Risen King

REST: Summer 2022

Our world promises a “good life” to people with lots of money and lots of time; but we seem always to have less than enough of both. So, what about us? For Christians, the Bible pictures true as lasting rest as connection with God, connection with others, and connection with ourselves–our true selves created good by God.

United or Untied? Jan-Feb 2022

What a difference a few letters make! This series will explore six keys to put River Park Church on track to being united and keep from becoming untied. Facing our fears and acknowledging our many differences, God is giving us the opportunity to come together; overcome.